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    Hi - Unfortunately the engine in the XBow blew up last week. Looks like a rod punched a hole in the bottom block.

    So I will be looking for a new engine for the Xbow. The car was previously running about 350hp with additional upgrades. Therefore I am looking for solutions that give 360+ hp. 400+ would be nice but it needs to be reliable for track day use so not sure if that is possible.

    What do you recommend as a starting point? I have been advised to go S3 CDL engine. Anyone tried a 5cyl TTRS engine?


    I guess I was being lazy thinking. Instead of one that lasts a week, get one that lasts longer (even though car is normally on trickle charge) for the additional 5 kgs…

    ...but maybe I blaspheme on a lightweight forum :D

    Hi - I have a 2009 XBow (upgraded to 350hp). It currently has a lightweight battery (similar to a motorcycle battery). It recently lost charge at a track day. I am thinking of replacing it now with a tradition/normal battery.

    Does anyone have any knowledge of what size/type of battery is appropriate for the XBow?

    Also, any tips or pointers on the replacement procedure? Key in ignition, not in ignition? Find little nephew to crawl into passenger footwell? :)


    Hi - can I ask which MAF you tend to replace with nowadays? The little plastic retaining clip is broken on mine so I thought I would replace with a new MAF.

    The current one has the following markings:

    HC1 AFH60M-27

    I believe it may be a Hitachi item? Not sure if it is the original MAF or has been previously replaced. Usually I understand most people recommend Bosch items

    [Blockierte Grafik:]


    Yes - broken turbo :(

    The intake impeller nut had come off and jammed into the fan blades. Could have been worse I guess

    Wimmer correctly diagnosed the issue with the turbo...and then gave me an additional nice bill for a 'smoke test' which I hadn't really asked for. Language barrier meant they were not motivated to get me back on the road same day even though I could see they had a spare turbo on the shelf (standard K04).

    But any way, car came back to UK and now fixed and back on the road.

    My adventure with slicks at Spa remained unfulfilled. Last time the gearbox broke before I could try the slicks, this time the turbo before I could get any heat in operation sub 2.40 will have to wait until another time! Think from now on the XBow will only go as a spare car, I cannot trust it as the only car at a European track day. Wish I had also taken the GT3RS at Spa - was going to but backed out at the last minute.

    Hi. I am currently at Spa.

    1st session on slicks.
    Lap 5 at Pouhon, sudden loss of power.
    Engine, gearbox, clutch all fine. But no boost. No hissing/boost leak noise.

    The guys at LLM mecasport/La Source currently looking at it but not found any loose hoses or anything.

    Is this a common problem? Any ideas?
    Will ask Wimmer next I guess.

    You are right. I agree.
    It was one of those last minute events - booked 5 hours in advance, XBow being fixed, thought I could get a day at a new track from them.

    But yes, they were well worn - probably a bit irresponsible with hindsight.

    But I thought maybe useful for others to note.

    It would appear the issue is at the inside edge of these tyres.

    Here is the other front tyre which did not exhibit the same catastrophic wear on the outer side of the tyre. But you can see the inner tube is beginning to degrade on this without it being apparent on the outside.

    It is a shame as I was originally a big fan of this tyre for track grip.

    These examples are from an E46 M3 where the weight of the car is at the front and hence the front inside shoulder having the issue. On the XBows I guess the rear inside shoulder is under more stress.

    Ok - some more photos for posterity.

    Some pictures of the inside of the tyre