Syvecs ECU

  • Hi Forum

    Was wondering is any other here running the Syvecs tfsi pnp kit ? I have installed it , and use the traction control, and control DSG and so on, was just wnat to exchange some information from other user if they have it



  • I think here are less person able to such conversion. This is absolutely no beginners job, even experienced tuners will have a lot of work with it. If someone asked me to do such conversion, i could not tell him how expensive this will be, i bet you can only find a few person to install it. Most likely this is something you can only do for yourself. For normal tuning this should not be needed, besides you want to have traction control or make DSG retrofit or other special things. Nice to see there are also some users who make such advanced things. I use the powershift software because of auto-blip, is this possible with manual transmission? Is it possible to applicate a drag torque regulation via traction control parameters?

  • Hi Sebi

    I agree on what you say it req some stuff to setup, but on the good site the kit is pnp on wiring so you can put it directly on instead of the bosch med 9.1 without touch any wiring.

    you can also make blip on the manual, and to be sure i understand correct, you can lower torque depends on the traction / wheelspin.